We provide renewable energy in West Africa

We produce electricity from renewable energy mobile sources such as mobile hybrid solar container. The company sells electricity under long-term revenue contracts that ensure sustainable value for customers, shareholders and communities. NAANGEY ENERGY maintains an active development program to discover new and innovative power-generation opportunities in order to increase its production base and create value for all customers shareholders.


An active development program to discover new and innovative power-generation opportunities in order to increase its production base and create value for all customers shareholders.


Our goal is to provide affordable, modern, reliable services and energy solutions that will contribute to sustainable economic, social and environmental development in West Africa.


Founded in 2017, NAANGEY ENERGY operates as microgrid services and solutions provider dedicated to Industrials and Rural communities in West Africa


Our mission is to be a leading Renewable Independent Energy Provider in West Africa, respecting the environment, and focusing to improve the energy access gap in Africa.

High Quality Services

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We have packaged 2 offers NDAYGOU HYBRID and NDAYGOU VILLAGE which are supporting industrials and rural communities in energy access. NDAYGOU Hybrid and Village are compatibles with customer existing diesel generator or a generator provided by NAANGEY ENERGY. Our solutions are hybrid which means a combination of Solar Power Production + Battery Storage + Diesel Genset for giving a guarantee 100% of energy all the time. Our solutions can be either On-Grid or used Off-Grid for better flexibility



NAANGEY ENERGY provides and operates a turnkey Plug & Play electrical network. Our OffGrid energy solutions will bring you the flexibility to have access in our services 100% of your operating hours. We support our customer from consulting “existing solution audit” to full installation performance optimisation.

Our Solutions

We currently offer two valuable and flexible solutions




NDAYGOU HYBRID allows you to reduce your energy supply budget and give you unlimited services access. This offer gives you fuel consumption and transportation cost reduction. Our offer is also reducing the cost of maintenance of your diesel genset by minimum 30% and up to 70% if you’re using it 100% of the time.

The offer NDAYGOU HYBRID is the first mobile electrical network which enable you to be connected in less than 4 hours on reliable service provider.
NDAYGOU HYBRID gives the freedom to our customers to get access remotely for controlling, maintaining and managing the network to monitor the energy production. Our monitoring system will give the flexibility to optimize the cost of energy and maximize the Return on Investment.

Customer Benefits

• 30% to 70% cost reduction “depending on location and cost of diesel”
• Plug & Play solution, installation, easy to Roll-in and Roll-out
• 100% Hybrid and Off-Grid
• Remote management
• Production capacity from 10kWp to 1MWp
• Storage Capacity from 15kWh to 1MWh
• Anti-theft system
• Civil work is reduced or nonexistent
• Transportation is facilitated with the mobility of the solution




In the world 1,3 billion of people do not have energy access including 650 million only in Africa. Most of them focus their budget on unreliable or non-adapted solutions such as Kerosene lamp, Candles, Flashlight or Solar kit lamp. Those equipment’s are not adapted to the need of rural area habitants.
NAANGEY ENERGY proposes a hybrid energy network named NDAYGOU VILLAGE which provide energy and WIFI up to 40 houses at the same time. Our solution is 100% autonomous and its delivered with Energy Storage systems and Diesel Genset.
Our network has been designed for a fast and easy installation in rural area. We have size our network to allow future additional equipment to support the community such as solar pump, fridge, agriculture equipments…

Customer benefits

• Production capacity from 10kWp to 250kWp
• A Reliable, Permanent, Affordable and Clean network
• Easy and simple to maintain “Maintenance made by local people, trained and            hired by NAANGEY ENERGY”
• A fuel consumption reduction
• Diesel Genset and Batteries lifetime is longer “average of 10 years minimum”
• Anti-Theft system
• Remote control installed (doors open, fuel level, intrusion…)

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